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Acid reflux?

For the past few months, I have this on and off feeling in my throat. It feels like someone is choking me or that my esophagus is contracting and won't let up. I finally went to my PCP's today and they are sending me to a GI specialist. She mentioned something about Barrett's Esophagus.. I freaked out and googled it. I have health anxiety problems and am now worried I have esophagus cancer.. Any ideas? I'm freaking out. I can't haven't a scope done until June. Should I go to the ER to get checked?

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Jaymrene, don't jump the gun because of something your PCP said. Wait until you see the GI specialist who will look into the issue as well as tell you what they think. I wouldn't go to the ER. How long a wait until you get into seeing the GI specialist? Doctors can do us harm when blurting out a diagnosis that they aren't even sure of. And then googling it didn't help matters. One step at a time in addressing this issue. Nothing is written in stone as of yet. Please try to calm down x


I have a consultation this Thursday morning - Barrett's esophagus isn't esophagus cancer but it maybe lead to it.. I'm just so nervous now..


Jaymrene, I'm glad your consult is this Thursday. I have been stressed out a number of times by what one doctor may say. A specialist can see it in a different perspective. I wish you well. Please let us know how you make out. x


Thank you and I will - I just hope it isn't something serious.

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I'm having the same problem, it started about two weeks ago and I'm getting an endoscopy on Wednesday. I'm nervous too so its making everything worse. It sucks being nervous about everything, I really hate it and try so hard to control it but it just doesn't work. What happened with your situation?


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