Should my sore throat have lasted this long?

Hi I have tonsillitis at the moment, and most of my symptoms are gone after 3 days, but my throat is still very sore. It's very hard to swallow, and a little bit hard to talk. I'm very blocked up aswell and have a lot of phlegm.

Shouldn't the sore throats have been gone by now??? I'm scared it's taking over me and it's never gonna leave.....


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4 Replies

  • Hi Dylan2000, tonsillitis usually takes at least a week until your throat isn't as sore. It will eventually heal and you will start feeling better. Continue following your doctor's orders and hydrate. Chicken broth, hot teas and lots of water will help thin the phlegm in your throat as well as make your throat feel more soothing. Sometimes a lozenge might help reduce the pain from dryness in the air. Feel better soon.

  • Hi agora, I went to the doctors a while back and he said that my tonsil was always swollen, and I think this is why I always have a few glands in my neck that are aswell. I think it's to do with my poor dental hygiene, I hardly ever brush my teeth. I need to change this as I hate being ill and I never want to have tonsillitis again

  • Dylan, my daughter gets tonsillitis every so often, so I have seen it up close as to how painful it can be. And yes, it does affect the glands in the neck when an infection is present. This is your time to pamper yourself and get plenty of rest.

    I wish you better days soon. :)

  • Hello

    O it takes longer than 3 days , like Agora says at least a week sometimes a little more but once you have finished your Antibiotics if you still have a sore throat then you need to let your Doctor have a look again but I have a feeling you won't have to go back and it will clear up :-)

    A real positive though that after just 3 days you have such a big improvement , shows you are on the mend :-)

    Be patient you will soon feel 100% again :-)

    Take Care x

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