Pain one side of throat my doctor says my throat is okay says it is being caused by my anxiety which has gone sky high with me worrying

about it eg trembling fast heart beat, the pain starts like a tickle on one side of my throat then becomes painful it also seems to move up near my tongue and then it is like a burning sensation,this all started with me scratching my throat 3 weeks ago.It seems I have obcessed about this pain so much I have created a vicious circle even though the scratch has healed and gone,When the tickle starts in my throat I begin an intense wave of fear and panic prior to the pain its very hard to even think straight with the fear and the pain.regards Martin


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  • Hi Martin

    Anxiety & I know it can be hard to believe but it does cause us to feel there is something wrong & we tend to focus on one thing & the more we do the more we feel it & then believe we are right !

    But try & be reassured your GP wouldn't have said there was nothing wrong if they thought there was , would be more than their job was worth !

    Your anxiety has now got you into this bad habit which it does , you need to try & break away from the habit which I know isn't easy

    When you feel the tickle go with it & say , I know its anxiety so come on do your worse !

    If you can & let it know even when you feel that fear that you are not going to let it have the attention it wants eventually it will start to fade

    I have had so many sore throats , pains in the side of my throat all brought on or due to anxiety , we can tense the muscles in the throat as well as other parts of our bodies & it does cause pain , but try & be reassured your GP will know best & they have said everything is ok

    Take Care




  • Hi at the moment I have become very tense and I have a strange feeling as if the right side of my throat is about to tense up its as if I was tensing up waiting for the pain to happen regards Martin

  • Hi Martin

    Because you are feeling tense the muscles in your throat will be tensing up to

    Try & relax , I know its not easy , but maybe try & make a nice warm drink & sip it or if you prefer a cold drink , so then you can see you can swallow ok , also when we are tense the throat can go dry so if you can drink fluids that might help :-)


  • The tenseness seems to be on one side mainly my shoulder and neck right side really weird.

  • Hi

    Yes tension can be quite common to be on one side , usually I find its my left side that seems to get tense the most

    Its also in your shoulder & neck which really does sound like your anxiety , I bet if you observe & flop your shoulders , you will realize you are tensing them as you will see the difference when you try to relax them

    Try & keep yourself distracted so your mind isn't focusing to much on how you are feeling :-)

    Get a nice warm drink , try listening to some relaxing music or shut you eyes & think of a nice warm sunny place maybe with a nice beach & a lovely blue sea :-)


  • HI Thankyou for your advice will stick at try and disregard my throat somehow.regards Martin

  • Hi Martin

    I have had the same sensation for weeks, my throat and tongue was burning on a daily basis, I had no appetite, had the palpitations, I ended up with really bad avid reflux, all brought on by the anxiety, I didn't believe that it could make you feel this way and thought it was something serious, which made the anxiety worse, why why is so right, do try to relax, and deep breathing and it does work, hope you feel better soon xx

  • Hi I have had an attack of throat pain tonight very low down in my throat a tickle then a severe pain with like pins and needles with it.lasted about 25 minutes and now just feels a bit weird.As I say my doctor says its anxiety I still cannot believe you could that amount of pain from anxiety,but I did notice when I had the attack around my head I could feel the tension.regards Martin worried again.

  • Hi Martin

    Try gargling with soluble aspirin, perhaps it will help the pain in your throat and this in turn may help with your anxiety, it's really worrying you and this makes us scared and naturally more anxious.

    Have a nice warm drink after gargling and hopefully this will help you to calm down and sleep. Keep posting and let us know how you're doing. Best regards. X

  • Hi I have now a feeling in my throat as if something is there very aggravating.

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