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Sore throat or Mouth?

It must be cold time as I've got a very sore throat which comes and goes. I had to see a dentist for a routine check up and all was good. Now I can see a lump, I can't touch it but it's there. I am sure the dentist did a check for oral cancer but I am worried now. Maybe I am just being a crazy idiot but I am worried. Not sure I can just call up for a check or should I give it a try?

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I know where you're coming from CardiffGirl as I too suffer from severe health anxiety but if you've just seen the dentist then it's pretty unlikely you've got anything serious as it wouldn't be worth his job not to check and mention any worrying signs.

That's what I would tell myself in such circumstances. Whether I 'd believe myself is another matter! :-)


I did call the dentist to check about free oral screening and it was done in the check up. I think I've got some horrible bug going around. Killer sore throat, light headaches, ear ache and feeling like death warmed up. Not a happy bunny this weekend!


Also thanks for the message Bramwell :)


Hope you feel a bit easier now - not something very scary, just a nasty bug. I guess that if you work in the theatre you're in the firing line for all the various winter bugs that pass plague us, rather as teachers get stuff from the children they teach.

Are you watching the rugby this afternoon?

I like your avatar - did you watch the lovely David Tennant in "The Escape Artist" over the last 3 weeks?


Hello Blorengia I haven't got round to watching The Escape Artist yet (I plan to watch them all on BBC IPlayer soon. I am very much looking forward for next Saturday, 50th Doctor Who! I did watch the rugby yesterday, I am not a huge fan of the game but I think screaming at the tv wasn't a good idea lol. I am off to the game this Friday as I am helping out St. John's Ambulance for a bucket collection and then see the game for free. It's my first live rugby match which is exciting lol .

When I go into work, I always get a sore throat or a cold. I guess, like you said, it's going to happen when a huge room of people are all together and germs love that


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