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Thinking about my life


As you may know or may not, I have been struggling with some health issues at the moment, nothin serious but just uncomfortable. I've been constipated for 6 months and have been having depression, anxiety and other things and possible dysautonomia. I have been reading up about that and I've figured it's all to do with my diet. But this makes me wonder, before the constipation started, I still had minor issues when I was young (around 7 years old and onwards ) but I never thought much of them, I'm 16 now, I have always had stomach aches and diarrhea a lot and a few other issues. I've always eaten poorly, for example whenever my parents would give me something healthy to eat I just wouldn't eat it and they would put a pizza or some chips on because otherwise I would go hungry. Well, do you think all this poor eating has caught up to me? Is this why I feel like this because of my diet? But pretty much everyone my age doesn't eat very well, maybe not as bad as me but still bad.... so why do I feel like this and they don't? What can I do to get rid of this, will a healthy balanced diet do it? Probiotics?

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