Constant state of fear

I've been in a near constant state of fear recently. Like I feel as though something really bad is going to happen because I don't 'feel right' I feel tired and achy etc. I feel like something terrible is going to happen, I keep zoning out of reality. Any coping mechanisms? Also anyone have trouble with anxiety mainly in the morning. Within ten mins of waking today I had a panic attack


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  • Hi Mrheap, being in a constant state of fear is a full time job. Being on alert drains us physically and tightens our muscles making them heavy and achy. Our minds are powerful in what they can make us believe. Anxiety hitting first thing in the morning is usual because of the high levels of adrenaline coursing through our veins preparing us for the fight or flight response. However, there is nothing to fear when we wake up except fear itself.

    One of the coping mechanisms I use each morning and evening is meditation including affirmations, imagery and visualization. Deep breathing along with that helps bring down the morning anxiety level and in the evening soothes the mind for a good night's sleep. Hydrating and having some breakfast will get us off to a solid day. As you go through the day, accept whatever your mind may throw your way, as not harmful. Taking an escape from negative thoughts by deep breathing can help either during lunchtime or mid afternoon. Working towards a solution is always a better option than fighting it. With deep breathing comes relaxation...

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