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Will I ever get better 😕

I hate having anxiety everyday is a struggle and a battle for me feel helpless feel like it's never ending but I try and be strong for my children I struggle to get out hardly ever I try and push myself to go Somone were eles but I get half way to were I'm going and panic I hate living like this now it's horrible just to think a year ago I was a happy person going out on shopping trips to ge park and everything now I can't even do that any more feel so helpless go to the doc and he put me on antidepressant witch in not depresssed and they put me on the same thing that's I've had a bad reaction to them all 😕

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I can't take antidepressant at all they make me worse or make mean so the Dr put me on xanax as needed it works but my health anxiety has gotten the best of me so far to day


I wonder the same for myself.


I tried effxxor and passed out uncontrollably and hit my head

Had a concussion for a week

Just terrified to try anything else


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