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Thought I was getting better

Since leaving hospital nearly 3 weeks ago I have had a cold slight chest infection head feels full and aching all over. Last night I started feeling better but this morning it has all come back. I haven't really moved around for days just sitting on settee drinking fluids .I hope I'm better tomorrow have to collect my meds and get some food in. Might buy me some beechams too.

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Hi Dodo, can your son not pick up your meds and some food for you? Save you having to go out when you aren't up to it! 😢

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No he has a lot of Emotional issues and cant go in stores. I was the same at his age so I know exactly what he is going through. He's suffering from bad anxiety and very shy. So I would not put that stress on him.


Ah ok I see, sorry was just thinking of you and trying to help. Hope you are ok!


Thanks for caring but I am better now. Hope your feeling ok today Jill ?


That's good, I'm ok I think!


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