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Having anxiety again I hope

So tonight about 7ish I start feeling very tired and extremely weak. Then around 8:30 I start feeling like nothing is real. About the same time I start getting nauseous and worried that I'm going to die. My usual anxiety is like a constant thing, this has been off and on for 4 almost 5 hours. I try to fall asleep then BAM I feel nauseous followed by a slight hot flash. All the while I'm praying I don't die because I need and want to be there for my 2year old daughter. Please help me. What could this be?

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this is anxiety trying to beat you!! i dont know why we go threw this im scared to open up thinking its goin jinx or back fire, i cant even watch a movie with out thoughts, fears or anxious


Same here. Certain smells even trigger mine. I've had panic disorder since I got pregnant with my daughter and that's when the anxiety went full blown. I haven't had anxiety this bad in quite a while though.


okay im goi g through the same thung but idk if what im feeling is caused by anxiety cuz im kinda just giving up on life but i havent felt real anxious ab it yt.


Dont give up! This disorder is awful but we can get over this.


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