The first thing to do to is go to the doctor and get a check up... get some blood drawn... get your heart checked out.. have him look in your ears etc.

when your dr gives you the clean bill of health... take a minute to thank God that you are a healthy human being! When you go home and you start to feel symptoms... heart flutters... dizziness..tight chest..... trembling... can't sleep... just remember that you have been to the doctors and they have said you are healthy 🙂

It just your anxiety acting up... from there if it continues to get worse. See him again... ask about therapy and maybe some short term medication to help you get through this season of your life. THEN work on acceptance. Accepting that you have anxiety and anxiety is not going to kill you. It may feel that way... expecially during a awful panic attack 😩.... but your not going to die.

You are okay

Deep breathing exercise.. going for a walk... getting some sunshine.... doing thing to help put your mind elsewhere will all benefit you greatly!

I'm writing this not just to you guys but as a reminder to myself as well

We are okay. We don't have some mysterious illness that 1 out of a million people have.... your not gonna drop down with a heart attack .... stroke or a seizure. It's anxiety. Anxiety can happen to anyone at anytime

Breathe friends. Your okay 🌸☮️


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7 Replies

  • Acceptance of all the symptoms instead of resisting them in any way is the key to recovery. Resistance is futile, it just keeps people stuck in the anxiety cycle because it means they continue to fear the symptoms and fear is the sole reason why anxiety exists.

  • Yes. I couldn't agree more 🙂

  • Excellent advice, well said!

  • Thank you!

  • You Rock Elizabeth

  • Thanks aburto! So do you 😉

  • Thank you for the fabulous post! I keep having to remind myself that the Dr has told me I'm healthy (lots of times) and the pains I get are nothing more than anxiety playing games with me. They always disappear when I'm distracted by something else too!

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