the tablets are working and i can cope again but iam so so sad i lost everything because of my anxiety and depression i had to give up my flat now living with my bf my kids are in care and in 2 to 3 month we will find out if we can get them back i get angry at my self that i should got help a long time ago 2016 was the worst year ever my anxiety and depression attacked me so bad and it did not help my bf being on weed at the time that made me have money problems that made me worse 2016 i fell so bad i just hope i can get my kids back they mean the world to me i cant lose them its a fight lets just hope i can win it i just want to start clean iam getting stronger and better i just hope things get better :(


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  • Oh I hope you get yourself better and get your babies back 😇🙏 stay strong x

  • thank u

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