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Its getting to me again

Thoughts getting to me again thinking i have something serious concerned about my breathing but ik its good bc i had x-rays done back in june and blood work and ekgs all came back normal i just hate this overwhelming dreadful dying feeling in my body ever since my panic attack ive been feeling like this and the symptoms as well like heart palpitations stomach aches sometimes shortness of breathe fatigued derealization and depersonalization just really scared me when that came along the path and thinking i have cancer heart disease and such i just hate it bad thoughts.

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The panic attack you had is now in your memory bank along with all your other memories, any sensation or feeling you get that remotely reminds you of the attack is triggering your anxiety, just like a certain smell or place can trigger an old memory. Just let the symptoms n sensations come n go, try not to fight it, accept it, disharm your fear of it by acceptance and you'll be on the right track, yes it's upsetting and unpleasant but its just your over sensitized reaction that's keeping fear going, you'll be ok, n your not alone, so many sufferers can relate xxx


Thank u

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