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Health anxiety panics me again!!!

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So I have the worst backache very painful it’s taking my breath away I can hardly turn I was at work today and it came on out of nowhere but last night I did eat the biggest bag of crisp though I’ve never eaten before I’m wondering if I had too many and now I feel I’ve been smacked in the bottom part of my back with a cricket bat I’ve had this before when I gained weight and had eaten lots of crisp oh I don’t know I’ve dealt with so much death just lately I think it’s taking a toll on me... I sat in my car today and I went all hit and felt sick has anyone else had any of this I’m suffering with.. I just always think there’s something wrong with me and I’m about to die of something... my son in law just lost his mum and I’m a quivering mess how can I support him if I can’t even support myself I feel such a loser and I don’t deserve to feel happy

Nat 😞😔

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Nat, the crisps didn't do that to your back. Your emotional state did.

You've had so much negative vibes around you lately that it can't help

but come out with pain somewhere in your body. The emotional pain

doesn't know where else to go and betrays itself as a backache, headache,

stomach issues.

You are certainly not a loser. You deserve all the great things life has to offer.

It's difficult right now to support others when you need the support as well.

You must start with yourself before you can reach out in helping with others.

Finding some methods/tools that can get you through this difficult time will help

you. Ten minutes a day in the afternoon is all you need in giving yourself

some "me time". It's okay Nat. You need this right now. Of course, we are here

for you in helping you take that one step at a time. Hugs, :) xx

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Thanks so much for your support it’s actually calmed me down it makes so much sense of course it’s emotional but you never think it is do we we always think it’s something bad

I’ve definitely got to get some me time I really need it

Thanks so much

Nat xx

What flavour crisps nat?

What are crisps? Are they like our Potato Chips??

Yes ....cheese and onion my go to .....hope your knee is better and you haven’t banged your head since the last time 😊

Knee is good, able to fly up and down the steps lol

Cheese & Onion you say? I knew I liked the name Crisps :) xx

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Natzsteveo in reply to Agora1

Yes agora they are potato chips

They were very strong beef ones

Beef and onion brings back memory’s

Omg yeh I used to love that flavour

Your not a looser hun ur a fighter thats why ur still here and im sure just being there for gim and ur daughter realy means alot to them.

As for the backache sounds like youve pulled a muscle i was pushing my little one on the swing the other day and my shoulder clicked my arm went all weak and hot its not felt right since 🤷‍♀️ were just falling apart i think mind and body 🙈 but it will get easier it has to theres gotta be better days to come for us surely 🙏 x

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking there’s gotta be more to this hasn’t there mines just been on all day hot flushes and a hot face tingling in my hands heart rate of 104 bpm all day I know it’s anxiety I’m just trying to keep calm but it’s not easy is it

Nat xx

Yh its hard trying to keep ur brain from over thinking but i deffo think its ur anxiety try and stay calm x

I am babes thanks so much for your continued support

Means the world to me it really does

Nat xx

No worries hun anytime xx

I’ve had this happen to me before. I can understand how it frightens you. I was worried I might be having a heart attack but I was fine. I’m not a doctor so don’t take my word for it but it could just be indigestion. If it only happens after you eat crisps or certain foods, then I think you have indigestion

Hi there thanks so much

I think it was too and also the fact I’ve put on a bit of weight since lockdown I’ve never been the weight I am I think my body is struggling to carry the extra weight to be honest

Nat xx

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