My scars

I have scars that I see daily, learning how to accept having them and not being ashamed has took me so long. When I look at my scars It reminds me of the dark place I ended up, and then I begin to feel good that I’ve managed to fight my way out and stay strong. In a way, the scars I have tell a story of where I ended up in life, looking back now I wouldn’t wish that place on my worst enemy. I never seen a way out for so long, it was so dark and lonely sometimes I felt the only way out was to end it all, but now I’ve reached the end I’m glad I never chose that way. There’s still days where I feel low and have to remind myself to keep going, but having those days make me even stronger. Each day is a fight to make sure I don’t end up there again, feeling that empty and useless is just not worth it. From now on it’s just onwards and upwards 😊 fighting through my anxiety is my target now!


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