Feel like I'm losing control!!!

Started panic breating last Monday night...just sat having a cuppa, boom it starts again.

Got so bad I had to evacuate Lidls on Monday because I thought I was going to pass out....I've got a bit going on in my life atm and it's just the way it's going to be for the minute but my god there must be something I can do to help myself.

I'm hyperventilating quite badly on and off everyday - breathing exercises help short term.

I'm also gaining the weight I'd lost, few weeks back I felt so good about myself, now I know I'm over eating! I'm not even hungry though so why? Stress eating maybe? And I've been learning to drive with my partner so I need to get rid of all this shot so I can book a driving lesson....please help guys! I just keep crying because I can't find anything to calm me down πŸ˜”πŸ¦ xx


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  • What are u drinking when u have a cuppa? Cos I suffer with anxiety and I can't drink tea or coffee now cos it makes me feel all jittery with the caffeine and makes my breathing funny. It brings on the panic which isn't nice at all

  • Cut out coffee again last week. Have been drinking white tea, now back on green/peppermint/camomile and lemon 🌾

  • You are the only one. Panic attacks are awful but they will always end and we will all be fine!!!

  • Oh my gosh haha! Arent*****

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