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Anxiety and Sparkly Vision


After a pretty stressful event 2 years ago I developed very bad anxiety and panic attacks. I can get most of the symptoms under control these days except for one -- my vision is obscured by sparkles, little fireflies that look like they're swimming in circles. Constantly. It only gets worse when I'm tired and never goes away completely. It's just a frustrating reminder of how I'm not healing and can make it hard to see. I've seen an ophthalmologist that says my eyes are healthy and he doesn't know why it's happening - he suggested ocular migraine but these are rarely constant. I have an appointment booked with a Neurologist in May but was wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences/came to a unusual conclusion about this weird vision. Note: it is not floaters as I have those as well -- its like the sparkles you get when you stand up too fast.


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I have floaters like the black specks/cobwebs that I got looked at cause I panicked myself into thinking that I had a retinal tear or brain tumor but she looked in the back of my eyes and said everything looks fine, and that it's common to have floaters if you're nearsighted which I Am. I sometimes have the sparkles, especially when I am looking at something bright like paper or a blue sky. Anxiety can play tricks on you!!

I do I have floaters my eyes are healthy as well I don't know why this happens

Isn't it something that we all think we're the only ones who experience things.. I just read this and thought wow me toooooo!!!!! Your aren't alone. Anxiety is something else. I wouldn't worry about it because it happens to others too with anxiety! Thank you for sharing.

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