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Anxiety getting worse

Hi all,

New to this group. I just want to share that my anxiety in the past 6 months has gotten so bad. I'm doing all this work to try and tackle it (I'm in a partial hospitalization/intensive outpatient program; two therapists; I'll be starting a DBT group; trying to walk more) and I just keep getting worse. I can't even go grocery shopping by myself. I can barely walk upstairs without experiencing a panic attack. I'm just so frustrated and I feel hopeless.


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Hi T_costa, are you on any medication at all? I've been where you are at one time. All the therapy in the world won't help if you are not ready to accept it. I was in-patient at the time and felt hopeless like I would never get better. In time, what I learned in therapy started to make more and more sense....... I was ready to get better. Things started moving forward after that. Be Positive and soak up every word they say to you. Good Luck with DBT Group.

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Hey there. I've been trying so many meds and I seem to be way too sensitive. I'm on a new one, Lemictal. Hoping it helps. Thanks for your response!

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T_costa, Good Luck on your new med. Let us know how you do on it.


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