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Any words of calming relief ?


So today I worked a 10 hour shift

Just got off. Didn't feel like eating a pizza so I made a salad from my job with stuff I've normally eaten before on an almost daily basis.

Gets home to relax , make some tea, and eat said salad. As soon as I start chewing the salad my mouth begins itching and I can feel my lip burn a little so I spit it out and stop eating, brush my teeth etc.

I have health anxiety so I instantly think I'm allergic to everything and it's gonna harm me or something. So I feel fine I guess right now besides the scary thoughts in the back of my mind and mild panic.

Ugh I hate dealing with this so much, I'm currently drinking peppermint tea to help calm me down but I hope there is nothing that I'm allergic to in the salad :/

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Allergy sounds unlikely but time will tell if you get recurring similar reactions. In the. Meantime just wait and see. No instant answer

Yeah I don't think it was allergies because I'm completely fine right now

But it just sucks ya know

I can't even eat healthy sometimes because I think that something I eat is going to effect me in a weird way

The worst thing about feeling allergic to something is that anxiety can mimic the symptoms. Keeping Benadryl around could help. I no longer eat peanuts or seafood because I'm afraid of feeling funny, even though I am not allergic to them.

THIS !!!! Yessss like I'm it even 1000% sure I'm allergic to avocados or nuts but I completely stopped eating them because my health anxiety makes me terrified of feeling weird whenever I try to eat those things

I even called the ambulance on myself once for drinking almond milk 😫😫😫

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