Hi all,

Been feeling rough all week, think it was combination of antibiotics and anxiety about interview, after not much sleep got uo at 5 30 was worried about rush hour traffic, left here at 6 30 and was there by 7 lol was told interview was at 8 so I had couple of fags , then waited in reception, , the bloke doing interview turned up at 8 45 and said I should have been told 9 not 8 !! Anyway got through it, managed to stay calm and not say anything too stupid lol now relieved its over and back home!

Hope evrryones ok :)

Mimii xx


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11 Replies

  • Well done mimii

    Did we need the imoidium :-/

    I no these antibiotics make you feel rubbish (well they do me ) but you made it

    I am sure you didnt say anything silly & i have fingers crossed for you to :)




  • Thanks whywhy, I bough some Imodium like you suggested just in case but thankfully not needed any so far, though I did take some always pads lol in my bag as I never know when Im going to need one if you know what I mean, must be my age lol!

    How are you feeling now, bit better I hope. :)

    Mimii xx

  • O mimii :D

    You went fully prepared for every event possible by the sounds of it


    My head is still trying to talk to me , well the side that is daft , but I am hoping I can get the side that does have some common sense to come forward :)


  • Well done, I hope you felt it went well.

    And now relax!


  • Thanks Winter, think I might treat myself to a cream cake later, can relax too been a bit tense , feel like a weights been lifted now :)

    Mimii x

  • Well done mimii, be proud :) x

  • Thanks LooLoo, how are you getting on in the new job ?

    Mimii :)

  • My first proper shift is on Monday evening, I can't wait, hoping it's going to tire me out! Thanks for asking hope you are having a good day x

  • Hi mimii so glad you posted, was thinking about you last night.

    I think a cream cake sounds perfect after getting through that! Hope all is sorted now & the antibiotics have done their job.


  • Hi thanks thomson, kind of you to think of me, have been wondering how youve been doing too :)

    Yes think tooth situations finally sorted now lol just going out to get that cake!!

    Mimii xx

  • We've been doing better, thanks. Hope things are still good there

    Enjoy your treat


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