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Dizziness relief tips?


Does anyone know how to ease this anxiety dizziness/off balance feeling? For me I just tough it out until it goes away but I'm laying in bed and just uncomfortable tryifn to be calm but my subconscious is making me dizzy. Any tips?

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Hi CDanielle98, I use my headphones in bed and listen to relaxation or imagery tapes. As I do that, I also start deep breathing. Before the tape finishes, I'm fast asleep.

Yes, pray an calm yourself down

I've suffered with this dreadful dizziness and falling sensation for a year nearly. Totally got me out of the blue after an incredibly stressful time last year with my newborn, my own bad health and my mother. I was so frightened and obsessed with the dizziness I couldn't properly function. And the more I concentrated on it - the worse it got. I was constantly complaining 'I'm so dizzy I'm so dizzy.' Went to the docs 100 times or so. Awful. I went on a journey of meditation/Buddhist talks online to stay calm and yoga. But still desperately seeking answers to my dizziness I got an Mri and blood tests. Each came back clear and docs said its anxiety but I couldn't let this sink in as the symptoms were more than dizziness. They were headaches. Numbness in arms. Pins and needles and twitches on my eyes and mouth. Many more things too. I just felt I was dying. I still get some of these things daily and the dizziness is worse in the morning when I wake and last thing in the day and at night. When I'm most tired and on my period. I have to face the fact that anxiety is to blame. I may have some inner ear issues but this dizziness is lessening as time goes on and manageableon a daily basis. I'm aware of it all the time though. It's become habit to expect to be dizzy. But try to keep busy and not think about it. I listen to 'infinite waters - diving deep' on YouTube. I'm changing my lifestyle and eating better now. Stress and anxiety are the worst things EVER. But I refuse medication and take vitamins now. Check your iron. Check magnesium levels and take vitamin d. Do as much as you can for yourself and try to walk out and do breathing exercises. I find the more excitable I get the more the anxiety happens and it's worse when I speak to people. Strange I know. My head goes Whirley and strange and I need to sit quiet afterwards to get straight again. I get tired so quickly and feel I could easily sleep after I do too much or speak for too long. I think once you have anxiety - you have it. It's learning how to manage it. Put yourself first more and don't do too much to exasperate your anxiety. Best wishes. I understand completely.

kims2300 in reply to CH33

Wow! This is EXACTLY me. I went through a very stressful time this past year. Then all of a sudden it hit me out of nowhere. It's 24/7, never stops. I'm focusing on it constantly, which keeps it there. I have no other symptoms, just dizzy and lightheaded. I'm not eating because I don't feel well, so I've lost 20lbs. I can't afford to lose anymore. All my blood work came back normal. The doctor is 100% sure it's stress related, and gave me a prescription for lorazepam. I haven't taken it yet. I need to find ways to get over this! It's effecting my work and my personal life. I'm not going out and doing anything because I don't feel well. I'm on vacation next week and want to take the kids away, but the thought of it gets me all worked up. And talking to people, man, I thought it was just me!! When my coworkers come over to talk to me, I get even more dizzy and start feeling fuzzy in the head. Hard to explain. It didn't make sense to me. This time last year I was fine. I loved talking to people, going out, and was enjoying life. I feel like whatever I have is taking over me. Worse feeling ever!! I'm so glad I found this site! Hate to see how many people suffer, but a bit relieved that I'm not the only one. I hope u get better soon!

valachia-t in reply to kims2300

Hi Kims2300. It sounds like you may have agarophobia. Please look it up. I have it.

valachia-t in reply to CH33

Hi CH33. You described me to the T. I enjoyed reading your post, as I was reading I became filled. You should be a speaker. I mean really. My friends and family don't understand my situation, and why I don't go no where.Its really nice that people can really see what you go through for a change.

CH33 in reply to valachia-t

That's very kind of you. I probably speak this way because I have been on such a journey and read and researched so much! I try to put into words how I feel and be a descriptive as possible because I too was so desperate to be able to find someone that I could relate this and me too! It really has been the worst time in my life. I realise the Whirley head has been with me for years. Probably 5. I've had anxiety for a lot longer than I realised. I'd work hard in PR. And I'm also a hairdresser. Guess what these two jobs require - talking. And lots of it. Talking made me more poorly. I had to shut my salon down. I got over active thyroid I believe, from stress and bad diet. 2 years in I'm still dealing with that but see a light. I always try to go for drug free answers. Anything the docs give just masks the problem. Take charge of your own health. Mental health included. Blood tests first and foremost. Rule out the nasty stuff. Then make a plan - a check list. Once you have facts ie. Blood results or Mri results, you can then move forward again and onto next set of questions and answers. What I didn't mention in my previous post is this. I've worked out that you have a cup, this represents your life. It's half full with juggling things and stress. Then another stressful event happens, the cup fills. And so on. Then the cup over flows. So your body has been releasing all this adrenalin and cortisol and they go into over drive and your body can't cope and feels under threat all the time so dizziness happens. Anxiety happens. Symptoms happen. It becomes intolerable and you feel trapped and stuck and wishing for the old you back.

Look up Buteyko breathing. It's proven to calm your fight of flight down. So...lowers adrenalin and cortisol release. Breathing right is a practice. We all breathe incorrectly. Be calm. Do yoga. I tell myself this all the time. I have found I avoid situations now that will overwhelm me and cause anxiety dizziness fuzzy head/exhaustion. I used to be the life and soul of the place. Social. Full of life. I'm a different me now. But it's ok. Because this is the journey I'm on right now so I have to work on me to get me right. Acceptance is the key. Not repeating your problems to yourself is one of the first steps to healing. Hard I know.

It is so hard to get others to understand and my partner has gotten very frustrated with me saying I'm negative and need to sort myself out. It hurt. But I realise to a degree I have changed as I feel fearful and anxious all the time. But it's important to keep working on yourself at a steady pace. Having too much time on your hands is deadly. Reading bad stories in the paper. Living in fear. They manifest themselves and affect us differently to the average person. We harbour fear. We think too much. Read/listen to eckhart tolle - YouTube.

I'm away next week in South of France. I am trying to keep my mind in the now. Not think about the flight (petrified) or the place (danger) and think about the enjoyment and realistic side to life. I'm off to London tomorrow. Go all the time. I worry. But I go. Because in life things happen that are horrible but in life, there's a lot of good too. I don't want to miss out on life because of my fears. Sorry.....I'll close now. Wishing you all well. X

CDanielle98 in reply to CH33

Thank you all so much! It helps to know I'm not the only

One suffering with this dizziness daily.

Cat33 in reply to CH33

That is such an amazing reply You have said and are doing exactly the right things I've had anxiety for so many years now and as you say at the end once you have anxiety you have it It is learning to manage it isn't it Its so lovely to hear all the things you are doing for self help I shall look for that on you tube Not sure what I'd do without all the calming things on there Your reply is so positive I think it's so true the more you dwell on it the worse it gets One little tip I have use a lot I sat in a hospital waiting room on Thurs anxiety going sky high I pressed my feet into the floor and tensed my legs as hard as I could no one could see then relaxed and deep breathed kept repeating it by the time I was called for my appointment I was lovely and relaxed I was only looking through the posts but so glad I found your reply as you talk so much sense Ive just started taking magnesium and vitamin D Wishing you loads of luck anxiety is the worst thing ever and I do so understand too xx

CH33 in reply to Cat33

Thank you. I'm thinking of you and hope you continue to manage and become free'er from the grip of anxiety. I think we are all doing so well. It's a scary isolating thing to have and you feel so trapped but everything stays the same if you do nothing so let's all do something to begin healing as best as we can xxx

I've had anxiety lightheadedness for 10 weeks straight now. I'm taking lexapro which I started 3 days ago but obviously it's not working yet.

It really does suck. I even had a panic attack last night. I just want the lightheadedness to go away but it's there and all I do is focus on it to much.

This all started when I took a stressful job 9 months ago. So I'm looking into finding a new job now.

Hi Ralph. I take Lexapro also, 5mg. I haven't been to long started. I don't see any difference yet, but I haven't been taking the whole 5 either.I am afraid of the side effects.

I'm having the same issues. However my dizziness is daily. My mornings are good. It usually doesn't kick in till afternoon and then continues till in bed. It's awful. Praying it will eventually go away on its own with lifestyle modifications. Having such a hard time accepting that anxiety could be causing this, but then you read so many stories that sound just like your own. Stinks!

Hope you are feeling better real soon!!!

Hi CDANILLLE98. I have been dealing with this for three years, been seeing a lot of doctors, and I still feel the same way. My doctor wrote me a perstription for Antivirus and Valium.

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