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How I cope

I came to a realization I have an obsession with my anxiety and health. So I'm practicing mind control. I don't let myself look up symptoms or go into deep thinking about symptoms that are more then likely anxiety symptoms. I keep my mind occupied and do things that make me happy, I try to ex out all negative thoughts and always make it a positive. It helps having my loving boyfriend by my side to help. Taking care of the kids really occupies my time and they are my worry and I think that helps me think of somebody besides myself. I think meditation is a good stress relief also. Have at least 8 hours of sleep. STOP OVERTHINKING. These are things that have helped me.

Oh and just letting go of anxiety, stop worrying and fearing it. Just don't care. Just accept it happens. You will not die and you'll get through it, you are strong enough to beat it. Don't be negative.

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Great advice!! this is my way of dealing with anxiety also. Too many people on this forum are finding it hard to accept their anxiety and I wish they would, for this is the first step (and the biggest ) to happiness.


I really don't understand how to accept it when I don't like the way I feel


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