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Lupus affecting the brain


Hi, I'm SLE diagnosed since 2013 but I've been symptomatic since about 2008. Over the years I've had lung involvement a lot and the usual chronic tiredness, weight loss, hair loss, arthritis, and pain. Only recently I've been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression even though I've had these on and off for years. My thing is between memory loss, blurred vision, headaches, mood changes, I can't help but wonder if it's the lupus. My rheumatologist says it's hard to say but I'm not happy with that reply! I think myself it is as every time I'm unwell with lupus my anxiety and these symptoms creep back again!

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Well magnesium helps with memory recall, depression and anxiety, pain but not sure about vision. I swearing by it, maybe a try if it will help. I take Dr's Best Magnesium chelated, it is good I'd be lost with it.

As for it being lupus, maybe but I always thought you get a rash on your face like a butterfly ?.

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