Brain damage from concussion

Hi, my name is michael and i am 18, i am american but been living with my french mum in france since 13 years... In 2010 i had a severe concussion with a small internal bleeding which of course didn't necessitate medecine or surgery because it was too small! Before i had this accident ( which i had from falling my height while running) my mom's fiancee which is an engineer knew i had aspergers because he said ( i am really sorry if i am arrogant i dont mean it really) i was really smart but didnt get the social cues with his two children and with others and had trouble making friends and communicating. I was always getting A's at primary and middle school before that accident and had no signs of intellectual deficiency. In fact i was curious of everything ranging from history to astronomy... What i am really afraid and terrified of is if this concussion damaged my brain and made me loose intelligence and even made me intellectually disabled... It would be really unfair for me that it happened to me! Could you help me please?

PS: And by the way what is considered as a severe tbi?


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  • No one is interested?

  • Hello Mike, sometimes people here take a little longer to notice a new post, sometimes it took a week for someone to notice my post and then they would all come and comment on it :) how are you feeling? Do you feel less smart or any different at all?

  • Hi thnx for answering... Yes i overall feel like if i was less smart: i had troubles in high school, getting B and C's... Maybe its also due to depression... But who can answer my questions like if a head injury can make you loose your intelligence or potential or make you intellectually disabled?

  • If you are depressed, bad grades can DEFINITELY come from it! I don't think your injury would be so bad to make you lose intelligence - it would have had to be a pretty big concussion. Have you talked to a neurologist about it?

  • I feel like if i was mentally incompetent which doctor i need to see?

  • Hi mike1998, I'm sorry no one got back to you. The weekends usually are slower. When you fell, 6 years ago, it sounds like you were taken to a medical center because you know that there was small internal bleeding involved. During the last 6 years, have you had headaches, balance problems etc. I would expect if something were wrong it would have shown up already. As for a concussion causing brain damage that would make you less smart seems unlikely. As for getting B's and C's in high school (I did too) that has nothing to do with the fall as much as it has to do with school just getting harder. To get some reassurance, setting up an appointment with a neurologist should calm your concerns.

    Wish you well Mike.

  • Hi, yes i can still say that i have involuntary movements, diplopia sometimes and like if i smelt something burning... I saw a very good general practitonner which studied at UPMC/ Sorbonne medical school and told me what i had was a cerebral contusion a bruise but is a very small hematoma a contusion or rather the result of a severe concussion... Again at the light of these statements is it possible that i have declined in intelligence and lost my potential from aspergers! I have some sort of mood disorder which is making me suffering a lot plus what happened to me... I already saw a neurologist which told me that what i had was a concussion

    and that i didnt declined in intelligence... I will do some neuropsychological tests to see like a vineland scale...

  • I wish you well mike....

  • I also need to say that i was diagnosed Aspergers by a MD psy doc and i have an appointement at a specialized autism center affiliated to a major teaching hospital to see what kind i have... We will do tests to see if i lost intelligence and have disabilities (whom i think i dont have otherwise i wouldnt have done good at school) ! But still afraid that the trauma caused microscopic brain damage that became cumulative ( pls take in account the last msg to answer)

  • mike1998, I hope you find the answers you need. Wishing you my best.

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