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Am I going insane?

Okay so recently I have been getting weird dreams, dreams of family, people that I know. And it's been happening for 2 weeks now. I do suffer with anxiety and depression and my sleeping pattern is not the best but it's starting to make me feel like I might be going insane? It feels like av already seen that before and I feel like I sometimes get deja-vu

Anybody else have this sort of thing? Thanks

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hi there! Are you experiencing any other symptoms? Please go further into detail :)

Your sleeping pattern can definitely be affected by your anxiety and depression, as for dreams, unless they're terrifying nightmares, I wouldn't be too concerned. Dejavu happens to all of us!


Hi Jen thank you for the reply there not nightmares there just dreams of what I see last before I go to sleep it's very weird, but it's getting to me now and I start worrying about them, my sleeping pattern is very poor like I live in the UK so I don't sleep till like 5am then get up at like 2-3pm next day it's just been like that for a few


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