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Since I started with Anxiety (and started with insomnia!) about 6 months back used the time to start using my audible tokens for something useful. Will update as and when I read them but the two I do like so far are....

Dare by Barry Mcdonagh. Havent got through much of it yet, (good sign if it sends me to sleep!) but feel I can empahise with a lot of it and it really makes sense to me! Think it puts a really positive spin on it, and told through the eyes of someone has suffered severely with Anxiety. Gives a lot of hope!

Stop Panic Attacks and Anxiety, Calm Nerves with Hypnosis, Meditation, Relaxation, and Affirmations: The Sleep Learning System by Joel Thielke

More of a sleeping one this, the anxiety parts are more brief and it doesnt kick in until a few chapters down, but find it does relax me (often asleep after a few chapters), and some great exercises throughout.

Feel free to drop by any recommendations you may come across!

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I have read the book it's brilliant.

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At Last A Life and/or At Last a Life and Beyond by Paul David. Check out the website too www.

Any books/audio by Dr Claire Weekes.

All the above show you the way to recover through knowledge and understanding of anxiety related disorders and using that knowledge to accept what is happening to you instead of fighting, running away from the symptoms which is the reason it hangs around.

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Thank you for sharing its fantastic to get tips on self help 👏👏


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