New but not new to anxiety!

Hey everyone, I've been responding to posts for the past few days but haven't introduced myself. My name is Zach and I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since 07. Also had a brief stint with agoraphobia for 6-8 months. I have had many ups and downs, and for 4-5 years things seemed WINDERFUL except for the 1-3 panic attacks a year.

Fast forward to this past Halloween and I had one hell of a setback. Ended up at the hospital for what I thought was something other than anxiety or panic. I had been dealing with this for 10 years before my first and only hospital visit. Long story short my blood pressure was REAL high and my heart rate was elevated in the 130s-140s. Had my 2 ecg's complete blood work up. Multiple doctors listen to my heart, and the conclusion was anxiety/panic. Followed up with my GP the next day and blood pressure was back to normal for me about 135/80 and heart rate in the 80s. Although I've been reassured time and time again that there's nothing physically wrong with me, I'm still having strong anxiety quite often and it's now always based on my heart rate, or random palpitations mostly. I'm doing ALOT better than I was in November and December. But I still have a ways to go to get back to where I was. I know it can be done because I have done it before, just this setback has tasked a toll on me.

Always willing to talk to anyone who wants too, try to help anyway that I can. Hopefully can find some like minded people.


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  • Hi Zach, I too had Agoraphobia for 5 years. It was like being in prison but I was so paralyzed with fear. Whenever I would have an anxiety attack my blood pressure would go into 3 digits, both bottom and top number. Also high pulse. As I would relax, everything went back to normal (120/80 pulse 72) It became very apparent what anxiety can do to our bodies. I became obsessed with taking my blood pressure and holding my finger on my pulse. As the numbers went up, so did my anxiety. One day, I decided to use taking my b/p as a positive movement. I would wrap the cuff around my arm and start deep breathing and thinking calming thoughts. The numbers were great even in an anxious moment. It showed me that I did have control over my bodily functions that anxiety couldn't win over.

    Of course, I no longer take my b/p pressure and check my pulse every day as I use to. No need to because I've learned how to relax my mind and body by myself. I no longer fear what anxiety may throw my way. It may be uncomfortable but the thing is to accept it is not harmful. My best..

  • Welcome.🙂

  • Hi Zach I to suffer from this its horrible am slowly get there it just takes time. Good luck to you were all here if you need support.

  • Hi I get the same as u if u need to talk I'm here as I find talking helps

  • Why don't you buy some magnesium oil, it will reduce your anxiety and blood pressure. Go easy with it, one spray, rub it in let it dry for 20 minutes wipe it off with a clean damp cloth, slowly build up amount of sprays.

  • Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes! Seems like a great group of people here!

  • Hi I'm suffering anxiety 24/7 at moment it's awful

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