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New diagnosis: dizziness is anxiety


Last year I had 2 mild strokes. I have recovered fairly much but still feel some left side weakness and get tired more easily. I continue to work. However, for the last several months I have been experiencing dizziness nearly every day -- doesn't matter if I am working, sleeping, walking, sitting watching TV, out of the blue I get very dizziness and lightheaded. If I am walking, I feel like I am on stilts. I have stumbled a couple of times. The doctors have run a battery of tests that have come back normal. Now I am being told that the dizziness is most likely anxiety. I don't feel particularly anxious -- although I do worry a bit about experiencing another stroke. Can you experience anxiety without being socially or otherwise traditionally anxious? I don't want the doctors to overlook anything.

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Subconsciously you can be anxious, about a myriad of things. I am like that myself! A lot of times when I experience anxiety or even panic I am not aware that I am worrying about anything. Now that's what I've been told by both my psychiatrist and psychologist. So I am assuming it is true and can happen.

Thanks! It just seems odd to me since I basically feel okay emotionally but if I can get rid of this dizziness I am willing to give the psychiatrist route a try, which is what the neurologist recommended

I've been having bouts of dizzy/fuzzy feelings, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks in 2008. And these aren't new feelings they just seem to be happening more often. Anxiety can literally give you 100's or symptoms both physical and mental.

Loveydovey nailed it. But since you had 2 strokes your concern is valid causing the anxiety to be easily gained to a physical level.

I had a aortic dissection and now have afib and physical anxiety. Its been 2 years of hell but the symptoms you listed are what i had before diagnosis of afib and anxiety. I don't take medication for the anxiety because it interferes with my beta blocker and blood thinner. But as time goes on you can go weeks without a episode where your off balance and have it for days. Im down to only having episodes now when I'm tired and start walking. Like i feel to drowsy and feel Like I'm freaking out. But if i lay there I'm fine. Meditating, sleeping and exercise daily helps. Hope this helps you, your not alone.

I definitely notice it gets worse when I am tired. The day I had the first stroke, I had a messed up day with bus and subway problems and computer problems at work and was no one else was home, and I was working under deadline on a work report. So, I was under a lot of stress and now when I feel that same way I do get racing thoughts about the similarity of the feelings and worry about another stroke. I just need to figure out how to find a psychiatrist who insurance will okay

thanks for your input -- it really does help to know I am not alone

Louise, that is my biggest fear as well. I'm afraid I see the symptoms and might ignore what really might be real. It's tough to find a healthy balance but check ups help with piece of mind and the rest is up to you or i to put the mind at ease. Keep us posted, and battle on.

the neurologist was actually exceptionally kind. He said "I am trying to reassure you that you are not in any immediate danger of having another stroke. Your dizziness does not indicate an impending stroke and is not connected." Up to having the strokes I was relatively healthy so this is all new territory for me. I am grateful to have you all to talk with and will be looking out for you, too!

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