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Scared to Go to the Gym incase my Heart over Beats :(

So I know I have anxiety, heart palpitations and that, but it's affecting my lifestyle. I really want to go to the gym but last time I went I was on the treadmill and started to do a simple 5-10 min jog, then found my heart pounding. The thing is I don't really feel out of breath. This is why I am so worried it's not like I'm having trouble breathing as such or have shortness of breath, my heart just beats super fast after such simple excersizes that it has put me off completely incase it was to overbeat or something :( really don't want to die lol :( anyone know what I can do? X

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Go see your gp and get an ecg and a 24 hour heart monitor done, although it's most likely this is all due to anxiety


Yup get an ecg helped me a lot and new I wasn't in any danger


I'm definitely sure it's just your anxiety but if you get it checked out you'll feel so much better knowing that you are fine and just need to find a way to relax :)


Remember that's what it is designed to do! As you approach a high heart rate you basically can't go any faster and your muscles lose energy. No harm done. I have a heart rate monitor - sitting in the chair relaxing it is about 63 beats per minute. Walking fast down the road about 100bpm. Walking fast up a hill it goes up to perhaps 130 bpm (you sweat here and your muscles don't really want to go any faster but you don't particularly feel out of breath!). My personal record is about 140 bpm (walking fast up a volcano!). The maximum rate for my age (74) is about 155 bpm but I'd never reach that..

A rule of thumb for the Ramblers Association for a normal exercise rate is "if you can talk but you can't sing!"


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