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I am new here. I am stuck in life and very anxious. I am married having a 3 year old who has been diagnosed with mild to moderate autism. I had to give up my job since his diagnosis as the country where we live do not provide any support. My husband has a good job but is not willing to spend on private therapies. He is a very laid back miserly person who do not want to do anything or change any bit for our son. He thinks it's all my responsibility. He thinks only sex is necessary for a happy life!!..He was always like this. But I had a job to support me to lead a normal life and my son was my hope to move on. Today I am totally stuck. His diagnosis was a huje blow.

My son is able to learn when I teach him with lot of patience and perseverance but his anxiety issues (huje social and seperation anxiety) are increasing day by day and I doubt if he will be able to attend a mainstream school. Attending a special needs school may not help him reach his potential is what I feel. We live in UK and here support at school is minimal. I am anxious about my sons future and how long I will be able to cope up like this. I want to join back work but don't want to compromise my sons needs. I am managing with minimal savings I have to buy stuff for his therapies which I am self learning from internet. I always feel this is not enough and my son would do better if supported by professionals. I am totally worried and that is reflecting on my son. Help me..



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I have a son who has sever autism nerve damage brain damage and other health problems that come with the first three But is hard and school has been great for him he has therapy three times a week that go see him at school and he has a great teacher this year if u need to talk I am here my son's almost 13 . good luck

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