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paramedics are fun

Sooo.. Im in high school, and Im failing a few classes.... and my laugh is super loud. I was in choir and several boys were staring at me and smiling instead of paying attention to the teacher, and he told me to not laugh, so I got super embarrassed and dropped down on my knees. Then, when he had finished talking, I went and cried and sang in a hidden corner. Then, when it was time to go back to my seat, I found I was super weak and unsteady. So, I stopped to steady myself, just using a chair, aaand my legs gave out from under me. I fell right in front of another person who was walking somewhere, almost tripping them. I apologized, and then tried to get up. That was hard. Some of my friends helped me up onto the chair. Then, I got back to my seat. i felt super numb and sick. When class was over, I didn't want to move. i had no energy. my friends helped me pack up and get out the door, into the hallway. My guy friends stayed with me. I started shivering, crying, laughing hysterically, and I could not keep myself up. This lasted for over an hour. I hated it. Stupid hyperventilation! The paramedics were called and they tested my vitals, which were normal. The hard thing about anxiety is that it is all in your head.

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