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Sick, faster HR, nightmares


I noticed a few days ago that I was dizzy feeling. I also had an episode of brief vertigo that I get from time to time. It really scares me. I could be sitting and out of no where my vision spins to the side and I feel like I'm falling. My heart rate goes up but I think it's adrenaline from it scaring me.

Anyway, the day after the dizziness my throat started getting really sore and food in my stomach made me feel nauseous. I actually threw up cause I had ate a lot. That was at nighttime and after I managed to get to sleep.

Then the next day my throat still was sore and my neck, shoulders and upper back were sore. And my head hurt a bit. So I realized I had a cold. Then it made sense that I was dizzy cause I was coming down with a cold.

I don't know if it started when I was sick honestly, but my heart rate seems to be a bit quicker. I haven't been eating very healthily the last month. Sometimes after I eat my heart seems to be beating harder and faster. I know it's most likely from eating foods that don't agree with me. But it seems to be faster all the time.

As I'm writing this, I had woken from a terrible terrible nightmare about an hour ago. I could feel my heart beating faster. But the thing is, it was beating faster when I went to sleep too. I wonder if it's faster from my head cold, and that caused me to have my horrible nightmare. I've had sleeping panic attacks so I know my body is susceptible to increased adrenaline.

Well I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that I'm not going to die. Having a cold or illness always increases my health anxiety. That's also why I'm not going to time my heart rate. Cause it will just trigger more anxiety. Heart health anxiety is one of my major ones.

Thanks if anyone reads all my ramblings.

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When you go for a run your heart beats faster because your body is under stress and it is trying to pump oxygen to your muscles.

When you are ill your body is trying to fight of the infection/virus by raising your temperature and flooding your body with white cells, when you're ill your body is under stress, it is the same, your body is under stress.

Chill out you are fine, it's just your body fighting for you, the best thing you can do is help it by relaxing and bit adding more stress to it, eating and giving it the means to fight and drinking plenty of fluids so it can send those white cells with a hydrated body.

Your heart beats faster when you eat because your body is using the food to do the work it needs too, see it as a steam train and the coal oven, you fill the over with coal, and the steam train goes faster. Just like your body.

Relax, watch a DVD and be good to yourself.

This dizzy shit is insane, mine started about 2 months ago, am seeing the doc on Wednesday , hope you start to feel better .

It just came from nowhere . I have had this many many years ago , but it happens once, then went, now it' happens nearly every day . Is it anxiety????

With panic attacks it is amplified.

Hopefully we can get some answers .

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