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Hello. I'm up with my pulse oximeter on. Heart rate between 64 down to 52. Lingers in the 55 range.

Should I be concerned? I read that lower ban 60 is not Normal I want to go to sleep but worried my heart will get to slow overnight

Had a full Cardio & Lung work up recently (2 weeks ago) with Eco, Sonogram, EKG, Stress Test & Lung CT. All came back clear / normal.


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  • Heart rate all depends on the individual. Some people who exercise intensely and are physically fit can have a resting heart rate in the 40s. You've had a full cardio/respiratory workup and everything is great so there is nothing to worry about. A lower heart rate around the 60s is more desirable than one in the 80s. It shows that good heart health in the sense that your heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump the blood through your system for oxygen

    Hope this helps

    Faith, RN

  • Thank You so much for your response. I'm hyper vigilant unfortunately. Typically my heart rate is between 70-80 but tonight it's going down to 50. I want to go to sleep but am a bit worried about this. :/

  • What are you afraid of excatly.

  • Not exactly sure. I guess that it would just get so slow it would stop or cause a problem while I slept.

    Also that I can't take a sleeping pill bc it will further reduce the heart rate. So I couldn't sleep.

  • So you're afraid of suffering cardiac arrest ?.

  • Mines been down to 44 when I was at the doctors about 15 years ago. I was a multi sport athlete so they said it was normal and I never thought of it since.

  • That's the pulse of a athlete don't worry.see your gp do you take beta blockers? 😐

  • No Beta Blockers. I spoke with my doc today and he wasn't too concerned. He is going to have me use a heart monitor for 72 hrs to be extra safe. He said his heart rate drops to 45 at rest usually. Took the Ambien tonight as he said it should be fine since I have been taking it.

  • Hi, Whatnow07, Too many unknown factors to let this slide. Call your doctor; they may want to move up the date for the 72 hour monitor. Err on the side of caution. burmag (Burma RN)

  • My resting heart rate is low 40's. I'm a 36 year old average fitness guy. Nothing wrong with your heart rate being in the 55 range :)

  • Low heart rate is good! It means you are healthy (generally). My heart rate gets down to 50 but I take meds to slow it down because it's normally very high. If you've had a full work up you have to try and trust that. I know how hard that is, but you will feel better if you do.

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