Anemia and Depression

So every test has been taken all the way down to my Kidneys and I am so Grateful to be able to say I'm Healthy but I have depression and Anemia. I had another blood test taken to see what is causing the Anemia but I have to wait until next week for my results. It may be an iron deficiency although She did ask about sickle cell which does Not run in my family so I should be good on that end I hope.


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  • I am so glad all went well. I have been anemic for most of my life B12, and B6. Will she prescribe something for the depression? Was there any mention of panic disorder or anxiety? You have got your foot in the door and now follow the trail to feeling better.

  • Once they confirm it is indeed an iron deficiency, I will have to take iron pills. She also said it is not my fault I am depressed because sometimes our bodies have a chemical imbalance that causes these things. She didn't want get in to anxiety as much since I am scheduled to see a psychiatrist in 2 weeks but she said I will possibly have to take medication a long with counseling as it is a dual treatment. Also the Anemia van be causing a little anxiety because my red blood cells are low.

  • yes I take iron suppliments. It is never ones fault if they have any kind of mental is not something we ask for or seek out. It will be interesting to see what the psychiatrist has to say. Dr. Oz just had a show dedicated to anxiety and the lack of B12. Quite interesting.

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