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Postpartum depression?

I feel I am going crazy. Where do I even start! I have a 2 month old, me and the dad split up when I was 5 months pregnant because he was abusive and got into a lot of debt. We lived together and we had a lot of bills in both our names, so when we split up we both needed to live back with our parents because of the money problems, however I had letters from bailiffs for hundreds of pounds and my mom had to help me pay them off! So my ex now owes me just over £2500 and my mom £500. My room at my moms house is tiny so I'm sleeping (when I can) on the sofa with my son. I feel I had my life sorted when I got pregnant (I wouldn't have dreamed of having a child if I wasn't stable)! I've gone back to work, I know it's too soon with my mental health, but I'm in so much debt that I can't afford anything for my son and then I get more depressed because I feel like a failure. I know eventually things will get better and hopefully I'll get back on my feet, but right now it's so tough and I'm really struggling. I just want the best for my son.

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Very difficult. Keep on keeping on and I take it you have contacted your GP and social services for help

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You poor lady. It's difficult enough dealing with an abusive relationship and money problems without having a new baby to look after . X

First of all Congratulations on the birth of you Son. I hope he is doing well. ❤

Have you spoken to your local social housing or council ? You would be classed as bring top priority for housing as you have your Son. I think you should explain to them that although you are living with your parents, this is not ideal as space is limited.

You could also contact a debt advice agency to get there advice. STEP CHANGE is government run organisation.

Citizens advice bureau will be helpful too.

Could you speak to your Health Visitor or GP about your low mood ? I had postnatal depression with my youngest child and my health visitor was great and gave me more support. My gp prescribed Antidepressants and they helped immensely.

I really admire you for working. It Shows you are a great Mummy and that you want the best for your little boy.

Please make a few calls and get support and advice you deserve.

Lots of love to you and give that beautiful baby of yours an extra hug. ❤

Barbara xx

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It's getting the time to do all of this haha! Feel like my worlds turned upside down since little man was born! But we're getting there slowly, he's doing well thank you! 9 pound 3 born and over a stone now the little Chunk!! Thanks for you post xx

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im sorry to hearyour going through all this. but try and keep strong deal with each day one day at a time. i know thats easier said then done. have you tried speaking to citizens advice beauru they can consolidate all your debts in to one small affordable option.

and as for your debt they cant take something from you that you dont have so try not to worry to much if that makes sense


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