8th day off klonopin

Is it normal to feel really calm after quitting an benzodiazepine? This morning I felt kinda anxious, but I delt with that fine.. after that though I've just felt super calm.

I've had weird pains in my chest etc today and it's like my body didn't even react to it..... super weird 😦 It's like idk how to act feeling like a normal calm person 😳


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8 Replies

  • I say take it and run with it! Some people are miserable when they stop their benzo so just enjoy your calmness. It's great that you're not having any trouble!

    To add another positive result, I have reduced my benzo from 4 mgs per day 11 months ago to 1 mg per day as of 3 weeks ago with no problems at all. No anxiety, no addictive type problems, nothing! If this keeps up, I'll reduce again in awhile and see if I do okay.

  • Thank you & That's great!! I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  • Do you know how long it takes before klonopin is fully out of your system? I was taking only .25 a day for 7 months

  • In roughly 12 days you're down to very roughly less than 0.1 mg which is undetectable to you. This by no means is an accurate estimation, just a ballpark guestimate.

  • Sunshine- love that username! :-)

    It is good to hear you are feeling well. I took benzos for years and never had any side effect or withdrawal symptoms to speak of other than some mild physical irritability.

    Perhaps you feel calm because you have more confidence being off the meds.

  • A lot of what you read about Benzos are worst case scenario situations. They do happen and are common enough to be scary but many (like me) are able to quit without major issues. Granted I was a low dose user but some even have issues with that.

  • Yes it really scared me reading all the horror stories.. lol my counselor told me stuff like that only happens when people abuse the medication over a long period of time. I was only on klonopin.25 mg for 7 months... once a day. So I figured I better stop now, and go ahead and figure this out on my own

  • I was on .5 Xanax for 8 months, shorter acting, harder to quit and twice the dosage and weaned off pretty easily so you should be fine.

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