Anxious right at this moment but still hopeful

Right at this moment i am feeling anxious. Racing heartbeat and palpitations. I had just finished lunch And your heart always pumps a little harder when digesting...and then i went right to painting the walls in my sons room. After about 15 min i decided tp pause because of the racing heart and do some breathing exercises. This is just another opportunity to float i tell myself and to see that i can get through it and be ok. Each day is getting better and i am so grateful.

Needed to share and be heard...thankful for this forum

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  • Would you say that you're handling your anxiety better by meditating? That's what it sounds like to me. Good job! You said each day is getting better so you're definitely on to something good! I'll be around for awhile if you want me for anything. Even to vent if need be. Take care!

  • Thanks BonnieSue, mostly i an distracting myself. But they are lessoning.

  • Have you ever used essentil oils to help with anxiety?

  • Good job! Anxiety is really hard for a lot of people to controll I've been having to take medication for mine and I wish that I didn't have to but it's helping so I'm not gonna complain but hey I have this website with some tips that helps anxiety maybe you could take a quick look at it. It's pretty cool it has all diffrent tips that have helped me

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