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Still new at this

Still don't know if I am writing in the correct place as I am new to this but god I feel awful today, feel so scared about how I am feeling. I would give absolutely anything to feel like my old self again which was only just under 3 weeks ago. Anyone help or reassure me please? My head is doing all this, what ever is going on? Really really scared

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hi missfluff

I am new to this also been using this site about 4 days now i think and its been a lifeline - I don't feel so alone or (as) weird anymore. so sorry your having such a bad day i know exactly what you mean but all can say is hang in there, try and be good to yourself in whatever way works for you and remember (i know its hard and hope dont sound patronising) it will pass and you wont always feel this bad

wish i could more to help

my thoughts are with you

wishing you peace and strength

janev xx


has something triggered off your feelings? Im sending a hug, Im new here too and been struggling with anxiety since end of November.

On Citalopram now, but side effects are horrible, trying to ride it out.

Hope your ok

Mo x


it is a horrible way to feel but it will pass and you will learn to cope with it and learn about it! this site should show you you are not alone although the illness does make you feel that way and although in your mind,it can and does have a lot of physical symptoms too! it leaves you questioning everything and over analyzeing everything you say or do! "IT" lie's to you.

Everything is normal for the illness you have, and it is an illness... not imagined. Take care and try to be kind to yourself and keep blogging and asking questions, there are a lot of wise and experienced people on this site... Steve


Thank you for a reply, don't feel quite so alone with this but it's so so scary. I have a docs appt today to see what she says. I'm even dreading that.


thats normal too !


Hi ya I'm going to make some assumptions that you had an episode an anxiety attack or panic attack for the first time that frightened you and has left you feeling afraid that it may happen again which is why you will feel anxious let me say first neither of these attacks can hurt you physically their both things where chemicals are released and run riot for a while but they only last as long as you try to fight them if you have one write down what's happening or what you think the trigger may have been your heart beat may rise a little sweat dizziness fear of something physically wrong with you . Get yourself to the drs for a check up tell them everything they've heard it before they may do some tests go with these they'll reassure you that nothing's physically wrong which may help you feel better. Now if my assumptions are wrong get yourself down the drs for a check anyway and hopefully they can get you back on the road to recovery all the best and wishing you back to your old self quickly ..Mel


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