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Can anyone help me with my hypochondria! I'm really upset right now . Thinking about my health because of a phone call from my doctors office for a follow up from the ER . Made the mistake again by looking at my labs online and seen that Something's were off on kidney in a couple of other things but in all reality I really don't know how to read those test so how do I know what they really mean just because they say high or low on them . A cause for concern I went back all away as far as June and it was the same almost .So I'm sure if my doctor would've seen something and said something right ?!?!

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  • JoMarie5, Sometimes I think it's a bad idea to have your lab work on line, but it's a law that you are entitled too know your medical history. The problem is that most of us do not understand what it means for a test result to be too high or too low. Then the worry sets in that something must be wrong. You are absolutely correct in knowing that your doctor would have said something or provided more testing if he thought for a moment that something was wrong. Our lab tests can fluctuate from time to time but it doesn't necessarily mean we are ill. Trust in your doctor, let him monitor your lab results. x

  • Thank you so very much for being so supportive the reassurance is greatly appreciated God bless you 😘

  • I had so many typo's but thank god you understood. I was having a panic attack . You are very knowledgeable and kind Agora1. I hoped to have gained a friend .

  • you have a friend in me as well as the forum. You are never alone with anxiety. I hope your panic attack has subsided. x

  • Yes thank god is has .

  • I was crying it was so bad .

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