Can Anxiety mess up with your digestive system?

Hello all,

Yesterday i kinda lost it and got my emotions out and thankfully ever since i feel a bit better, however, i notice whenever i eat i feel like a burning sensation on the upper part of my tummy sometimes my throat but im not sure if this is anxiety causing my digestive system to be messed up or im just extremely warm ( the weather here is 31 degrees but i always have AC on )

So is it familiar to any of you guys??

Thank you for the support :)


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12 Replies

  • Anxiety affects your digesrion big time. I have been suffering much digestion upset do to my anxiety. It can cause IBS and GERD, and more. Very much so.

  • Is it like a limited time GERD? not a permanent damage?

  • Ive recently experienced reflux with my anxiety and think i now have IBS symptoms. Which is worrying me as i weighed 8st now ive lost weight

  • Oh wow :/ sorry to hear that

  • I definitely seem to have trouble with digestion when i'm feeling anxious. I seem to get IBS symptoms, and depending on what i'm worried about, it can sometimes last for weeks!

  • Any burning sensation feeling?

  • Yep - I get a burning feeling that seems to start in my mid abdomen and if I can't calm myself down, it seems to rise all the way up to my throat, feeling like really bad heart burn.

  • Yess!! Exactly what i feel.. Anxiety is so weird man

  • It really is!

    I feel like it controls my life sometimes...

  • I'm with you all on this 8 months ago i started getting IBS, GERD like symptoms throat burning and lump and i have had a scope done and the ent said my esophagus and lower LES and stomach look great. No damage. No cancer or anything but even now im still having

    Swallowing issues, choking issues, burning in my throat and I thinknow I've scared myself to death to eat and now when I eat I make myself sick with worry that I do get sick.

    Anxiety is a pita honestly

  • Yes it sucks so badly! I hope you get better soon as each one of us here :)

  • of course, silly. same as rest of us, try an chill. ps buttermilk is better than milk, but concentrate on summat else maybe?

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