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Headaches that never go away

Does anyone suffer daily temple pain tightness in head jaw and severe symptoms resulting from not being relaxed or able to have a moment without a headache? How can someone get relief to release these muscles, tendons and bones so temples don't feel like they will burst or snap at any moment.

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yes i suffer every day with some sort of head sensation! it has me worried sick!!!


Headaches are the worst. What type of headache? I get twenty four hour tightness, pain in temples, dizziness. Use to get back of my neck hurting, tingling, burning but those traded up to these current ones. Anything help you with the headaches?

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yes i can get random pains in my head at some point or i get tension headaches. I've found that nothing really helps with it other than medicine and water perhaps or just keeping myself busy so i dont think about it as much.


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