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How can I get professional help?


Have been struggling with intense anxiety at the workplace.. the result is that I have lots of doubt about the simplest of choices I make and I feel 50% of y daily energy is spent on 'doubt' and criticism.

I want to embark on seeing a therapist but I find it very difficult to search / look for one.

Can you please help me with respect to:

a. What are the things I should look for ( education, accreditation, experience)

b. How do you trust that this one is the right person? What is your strategy for choosing an individual besides the credentials?

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It my be your workplace has occupational health access to one. Personal recommendation is probably best.


If none of the two apply? :)


Stop getting over anxious about choosing an anxiety therapist☺ Simply ask your doctor/GP's advice about such a referrel as your doctor is in a position to answer these questions because they are making referrels all the time.


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