Sensations and collapsing ??? Hel

I've been feeling like am goin to collapse but it gets worse like sensations chest to my head and I have to take a sudden breath to get out of it ... even legs and arms feel it like some.thing running up me system and my whole. Head freezes and am.goin to collapse .. can some.give me some relief .. heart? Head ?.I duno lol theŕes something wrong


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  • Hi xogemxo, that feeling you are experiencing is coming from an adrenaline rush from your anxiety. When anxious we tend to not breathe properly either holding our breathe at times or panting (mouth breathing). It throws the oxygen level off and we end up getting these weird sensations from the chest into our head. It affects the extremities as well because the adrenaline is preparing us for fight or flight response. By your body making you respond to a sudden breath, it pulls you out of that phase. Our body automatically protects us from harm, it's our mind that sends us the negative thoughts. Take care.

  • Thank u love for ur reply does feeling faint also be included in anxiety?

  • That feeling faint is one of the symptoms high on the list of anxiety. Again it has to do with improper breathing as well as needing to hydrate. I've experienced it myself and it is scary but I use it as a reminder to check my breathing and start hydrating. Hope this helps some.

  • What do you feel actually? Bc i have this same thing but is like my heart in my head and is like a thing going up, and i shake and freak out and my legs almost give up on me and i think im going to collapse or faint. Omg i hate that feeling, i thought i was the only one

  • It's like my insides start freezing up on til my head love i duno explain it am constantly on edge ready to drop I hate it especially in work

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