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Drs Appointment

So just got back from the Drs , I have to go for blood test Monday and take in urine sample . I'm being tested for Ross river virus , for people that don't know it's a virus caused by mosquitos . There are lots of cases around ATM . Also checking my thyroid and some others things . I explained that I know I have been very anxious as well , the dr said cause I'm not well I'm over thinking the worst so my anxiety is sky rocketing . I also spoke about xanax taking it every day , he did say they prefer not to due to the dependence but def take when needed . Feeling a little relieved about my anxiety as I know I'm worried what's wrong with me . So blood test Monday morning .

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So sorry about how your feeling I wish you the best outcome


That's good glad you went to doctors and get blood test sorted x yes there's a lot of these virus going around x but I m sure test results will come back ok x

just try to keep focused over the weekend x it's all anxiety that makes you feel worse x let me know how you get on x


You will be fine. I'm praying for you now. God bless you.


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