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Feeling tired all the time. Anxiety? Or something else?


I've been feeling so tired and yawning all the time , i sleep about 8 hours or more cause I think maybe I need more sleep because I'm a stay at home with a toddler so I've been thinking I'm so exhausted, but I do have Heath anxiety & makes me more worried and always keeping my mind thinking a lot about little things that shouldn't matter at my age , I just turned 21 and I always keep like I'm 60 . Just wanna stay in cause the fear of my anxiety symptoms and my back hurts & always worried about stuff that could go wrong . I'm just always tired & this anxiety is always coming on randomly making me feel so anxious

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i have the same issues feel free to message me if u ever need to talk

yawning is a huge side effect of anxiety your body uses it to correct your breathing so when attacks happen it tries to slow and calm ur breathing

Hi Briannafaye1,

Thanks for sharing with us in the forum. I saw 4 things in your post which I think you might consider:-

1. Sleep quality - 8 hours but is it good quality sleep, unbroken?

2.Toddler - keeping up with toddler is exhausting. See if you can take a nap when the toddler sleeps

3. Back hurts - possibly due to incorrect lifting or more likely from the anxiety you are literally feeling in your body. Exercise in some form is good e.g. stretching or yoga (tips on YouTube) and walking the toddler in a pram/pusher (even better)

4. Anxiety that doesn't go away or increases requires treatment to help you cope. Please consider seeing your doctor for a complete health check up (physical & mental). Ask your doctor for a referral to a clinical psychologist to talk you through the anxiety. It can be hard opening up the conversation with your doctor. Make a few notes or take a print out of the blog to get you started.

Hoping this helps :)


This is exactly how I feel.. and I get the worst head symptoms I feel sonwird

feeling tired is not always a direct symptom of anxiety but can/may be indirectly caused by the constant worry that wears down on your energy. I would definitely suggest seeing a doctor or mental health professional to discuss a formal treatment plan, but other than that; it's important to treat yourself, you said your a stay at home mom with a toddler, from what I hear that's a pretty busy job, so if you can I would suggest finding someone to babysit and get out of the house for a bit, take a walk, go out with friends, have a date night, just have a little worry-free fun. It's entirely possible that you could be burnt out at which point the only thing to do is to step back and take a little time for yourself.

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