I've been doing really well with my anxiety, and I haven't had a panic attack in a long time until today. I had a conference with my son's teachers at his school, I've been having anxiety all day today but I wasn't worried about the conference at all. Just nervous all day and that sort of impending feeling of doom. Eye roll.

Anyway, we get into the conference and after about 20mins, I suddenly felt flushed and started to panic. I worried about fainting, but didn't really feel like I was going to. My heart rate went up, and I was doing everything I could to contain all of this until we were done with the meeting. As soon as we got back to our vehicle, I took a Xanax and started my coping strategies. I'm just wondering if anyone else feels this way. It scared the crap out of me and I'm just sick of it


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5 Replies

  • First of all let me say well done for managing your anxiety attack 👏

    Yeah I know that feeling too well it's awful but you did so well in the moment to keep it together.

  • I did I guess. My head has felt like a balloon or something all day though. And not long after, I felt woozy to my stomach. I ate a little bite when we got home and that seemed to help. I miss my old self :(

  • But thank you for the encouragement :)

  • Mama1204, I remember getting that dreaded feeling whenever I had a face to face school conference for my daughter. I always felt I was on the spot. Trapped in a meeting. The what ifs fed into how I felt. I was fine a few minutes after getting home. I wonder how many other parents feel that way?

  • I'm usually fine. But then again, I haven't always had anxiety this bad. Idk what happened, it just bam all the sudden my face felt flushed and I immediately could feel myself start to panic. It was difficult to stay calm but my husband was there along with our 4yr old, who luckily waned to be held. So I stood up and swayed back and forth with him because he was fussy. Such a pain though! Idk how to make this stop

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