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Tingling and numbness in left leg and left arm

Hi everyone. Hope you are all coping ok.

Haven't been on here for a few years, recently I have started getting numbness and tingling sensations in my left arm and left leg. Seems to be constantly at the moment and is really getting me down. More noticeable when in bed and is stopping me sleeping even though I am so tired 😔

Has anyone else experienced this before? Any thoughts? 

Ollie bear X 

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Have you had your spine checked?


I haven't am going to see how go over next day and if still issue will go to doctor, thanks! x


I get that told it's just anxiety, only get it very occasionally now.


Can be a more unusual form of migraine. Hemiplegic  migraine can cause this sort of thing and you don't even need a headache! 

Good luck. 

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Thanks everyone. Still got tingling going on but will soldier on! Hope you are all ok x


Curious...are you left handed? And do you have TMJ (grind or clench your teeth) when stressed?


I am right handed, so not sure can be connected. I do work in sales, however, I don't notice myself grinding my teeth and hasn't been pointed out! 


this was my very first symptom after surgery.  Neurologist dont have a clue what it is. its generally in my left ring/middle finger area but can get a tight feeling up the arm when I try to relax. If this is anxiety then it sure is very persistent. Im trying to do somatic meditation to release it but it's difficult as it gets tighter the more I go into a relaxed state. My body is telling me something I cant figure out..


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