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Why now?

Hi all, I am relatively new here.

I have suffered with Anxiety since I was 11 (I am 32 now), but never as bad as it is now.

I have had a really difficult three years with loads of stressful things happening mostly things completely out of my control and I managed to stay quite well throughout, everything is getting better this year and all the stressful events are being resolved, so why now am I having the worst panic attacks I have ever had?

I had one on Saturday evening spurred by being in a vehicle in really severe weather, that genuinely felt like a stroke, I lost the feeling down one side of my face and both hands went numb, this has never happened to me before. I haven't felt the same since, my vertigo is horrendous and I can't regulate my breathing, I constantly feel like I am going to keel over.

What the hell is this? Can anyone tell me how to stop it?




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Have you mentioned this to the doctor?

I'm a nightmare when traveling. I often feel like that when traveling, I remember phoning my mum telling her how ill I felt, I was in such a state! I hadn't really eaten that day, so I don't think that helped things either, how's your appetite?

A lot of stress can build up and come out later down the line, I've suffered for 7 years on and off, I've been really bad for last few years x


No I haven't spoken to my GP, I have Endometriosis too so I feel like I am going to the doctor way too much, I worry they will brand me a hypochondriac, I also really don't want them to try and put me on mad medications, I really wan't to do this myself and not rely on drugs. I have to go back to my consultant for possibly more surgery so maybe that's a contributing factor.

I thought maybe that was it, that I had switched off whilst everything was stressful and now its all hitting me but I don't know how to control this like I used to and it's far worse than I ever remember it. :(

I hope you are having a good day today, thanks for replying xx


I'm sorry to hear that, I have real bad anxiety, along with other things. I've been on meds in the past but I havnt been for quite a while now. I'm on a waiting list for some cbt therapy, maybe something like that would be good for you?

Thanks the days not too bad so far but usually get quite anxious towards the afternoon x


I have had four courses of CBT and felt much better after all of them and they give you lots of tools to help you help yourself, I have been using all of them but it won't go this time, its like a 56 hour panic attack - horrendous. I am sat at my desk hoping I don't go full nutcase in front of my colleagues!

I caved and called the doc, waiting for a call back.

I hope you can continue the calm into the afternoon - keep breathing deep xx


Oh how awful hope you keep calm. I try the deep breathing but sometimes I feel I can't do it, I've had cbt in the past but I feel I need some more. I've just sat down for 5 minutes and I can already feel myself getting worked up! Always seems to be worse if I'm not doing things or trying to relax. Things are always on my mind and I'm always fidgeting x


I'm the same but I have had breakthroughs in the past. Keep working on it you will get there xx


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