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Okay, so like two months ago I experienced intermittent pelvic....discomfort. It felt almost like a pinched nerve? Anyway, it didn't concern me until I googled it and cyst came up and I read horror stories of that and it freaked me out. This sent me on a month of extreme anxiety, went to a doc, she said it was no concern and get it checked again if it persists. Well, it went away and then came back but I sit in a very cramped position, so i thought it could be a pinched nerve since it never gets worse. Anyway, I was GETTING TO ACCEPTANCES when I thought that so long as this doesn't bring any physical symptoms too, I won't panic.

WELL THEN, physical symptoms cropped up. They appear usually toward the evening. It's when I feel so overwhelmed, I usually hide out in my room. I feel visually overwhelmed, physically overwhelmed, and like my body is just shutting down. This feeling alleviates when I'm in bed because that's like my safe time. But in the evening, I feel out of body, uncoordinated and it scares me. Can anxiety really do this? Now my period is whacked out, I have a really stiff neck, I don't eat much because I don't have the appetite really. I mean I still eat, but not as much as I used to. I feel SUPER hyper vigilant to every single bodily sensation, and frank myself out that I'm gonna pass out or something. This is not the first time I thought there was a problem, but when I found a pattern (the sensation alleviating if my focus shifted), which made me finally think it was anxiety and then the symptoms would go away. Is it only happening towards the evening because that's when I expect it to? I'm seventeen, no history of problems but a long history of anxiety. My mom also has anxiety. Can anxiety do this?


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  • You think too much. I have the same problem ! People especially with anxiety have heightened senses. So we notice EVERYTHING that is going on with our bodies. I'm sorry that your feeling like this. I get the same way. What I try to do is not focus on it. Just accept it. Let's say if I have a headache. I will not focus on it I simply say "okay I have a headache, and it will go away just like every other headache I've had." The main thing with anxiety that I've learned is when you feed into it; it grows. . So if I have any advice it would be to not focus so much on the negative. And think positively. As much as possible

  • Jean, you have a really great positive attitude, And I agree with you, I just wish not paying attention to it or not focusing on it worked better for me. It works great for me with a Headache, or something that's not gonna keep me from doing the things I have to do. But when its in my hip or my back, and I no it can keep me from getting around for days, Then the pain puts me into a panic attack, cause there is absolutely no one to feed my pets or take care of the other things for my Son and Grandkids. Its the fear of not being able to do what I have to do, that makes the panic so extreme. And like they say fear is crippling. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with that fear and the panic. I've tried reading several books on this, haven't found the right one yet, I guess. If anyone has, please let me no :) Thanks

  • When you wake up in the morning just thank god for another day. I don't know if you believe in God or not but if you do say a prayer and ask him to be with you and give you courage. There was a time where I couldn't leave the house . I remember freaking out. I also was completely crippled at one time from my anxiety to the point where I couldn't get out of bed and all I did was cry. I know what your feeling. Sometimes you just have to do what your scared of. Keep getting up and doing your normal tasks. Keep going even if your scared you stand up to your anxiety and you take back control of your life. It won't be easy at first. I believe in you . Just believe in yourself and your ability to overcome this.

  • Thank you Jean, Yes I do believe in God, and I pray a lot, and I do Push my self and have been for 55 years, but some days, crying seems to take over, and a lot lately, as I said I am alone a lot now that I am a widow. and also a lot of my panic is worrying about my Son. I have to help him, with his home and my grandchildren, he works and has Stills disease, which is a form of RA only worse, he's 45 and already had a hip replacement and is in constant pain, he's a very strong minded person, though, he pushes his self off to work everyday. But I have to go over daily and take care of the house and laundry, and the dog, etc. Its scares me, and puts me into panic attacks fast when I get the pain in my back and hips, cuz If I can't do it who will ??? And he has Panic attacks to, a lot more lately. These are supposed to be my Golden years, growing old alone, without your mate is the pits, I'm not seeing any of this Golden Years stuff :) I'll just keep pushing myself day after day, what else can you do. I have to get MORE positive, I wish I new how, not as easy as they say :)

  • I have a really good attitude about beating anxiety. I am determined to overcome it completely and I know I will. I've just never been told by a doctor that I have anxiety. I've had tests done but there was nothing that came up.

  • Maybe schedule an appointment and bring it up to your doctor. It helps put your mind to rest when you know for a fact what you have.

  • Absolutely, I'm 66 and have been going through all of this stuff since Grade school, gets some what better, gets worse, I sure wish I could find an easy answer. its a constant battle, and it was for my mother too, support groups do help. My mom went to one called recovery class for years and they helped her immensely. Good luck :)

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