Tired of anxiety

Tired of anxiety

Is anyone else completley physically and emotionally drained of all this anxiety disorder. Every day is a battle everyday i wake up i always thank my lucky stars that i got to do that. Ive had mine for 16 years now and i still havent found a way to cope with it every episode seems to get worser mybrain is drained and whats worse i haveno real support so im so lonely cx


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  • Have you tried therapy and medication

  • Yes, I fully understand. It is hard, but use self love and faith. Believe in yourself and God. Jesus heals, pray. I know lonliness all too well, and how lack of support feels but that is when you learn to value yourself. 😚🤗😇

  • Hi there, you did not state if you were taking medication or counseling? Regardless, believe in yourself and the God of your choice for healing. I'm not sure why anyone would bring religion into this, but there is more than 'one way' to God and the healing of anxiety. For me, I have no religious affilication, but I trust the higher beings to guide me in my steps for healing. I am doing quite well after years of suffering and I did not have to choose any particular religion. May you heal in a speedy manner. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk. I have been through the ringer and finally coming out:)

  • You have support here. Please go to the website anxietynomore and start there. Have you seen a doctor? Have you had all the necessary tests (thyroid, hormones, vitamins, minerals). There is a way out, totally out of this, so let's help us all find it.

  • It is so lonely people in your life seem to be happy carefree , I get so angry with myself why can't I be like that , to busy with a battle going on in my head !! hope you're OK these bad times are draining big hugs x

  • You know Sharon51, after reading so many posts over the past year on this forum, I am starting to wonder just how many people out there in the community have anxiety as well. We've all learned to put on a pretty good front when in public so I'm thinking maybe the happy carefree people we see, are struggling inside like us. Think about it next time you are out. Those smiles may be fake. ??

  • Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts i am on meds and had numerous therapy but think ive not probably had the one i need most maybe im not sure i know i got this and it will pass again but it just drains u wen it rears its ugly head thanks all xx

  • Yes you do have support it us you can do it its a mind thing get the book called Power Of The Subconscious Mind by author Joseph Murphy, its a cure

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