A post, a death in the family and then this

A post, a death in the family and then this

I just put a post up about how I am fortunate to be alive another day, even though I suffer from this that and the other. The phone just rang and we have a death in the family. As I type this I have many emotions at once. I must say that I do not feel guilty about complaining. I'll tell you why..........

I know some folks who are terrified of elevators. I mean so much so that they won't enter one. They will instead take 6 flights of stairs or none at all. I myself have no fear of elevators, yet that makes their issues nonetheless real to them or terrifying.

So I have my own issues and fears. Death oddly is not one. I don't wish for it, yet I do not fear it. Where do we go? Is it all we thought it would be when we were children? I just told our 6-year old that cousin Tim went to join Grandad in heaven. She accepts that....is it that easy? Is it all that simple. If we look at it from the bible there are two options...one that shows heaven as this awesome place...another that states all past will be erased and forgot and we spend our time circling the throne singing praises which is not quite the same as hanging out with all the people we miss.

I was put under for a stomach scope a few times. Perhaps it is like that. A long slumber. It is easy to ponder all this when alive and well right? For someone given a few weeks to live, the conversation and thought may be much different.

I remember my Dad saying "Son I am dying". A few weeks later he was laying there getting his ribs broken from CPR. He lasted another week. As we watched him fade when they no longer pumped him full of epinephrine, I realized he didn't die...he escaped.


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4 Replies

  • Hi Abomino13, sorry to hear about the death in your family I know where you are coming from about when we leave this earth. Yes as kids we worry about it very much, about losing our parents and when it will happen, sometimes life is a very hard thing to deal with. I am with you that am not afraid of the event for myself, neither to bring it on, but I think eventually yes it is escape. I lost my beautiful brother to Cancer, and everyday we talked about when it was going to happen, then praying for it to happen. I actually said to him, that the way we talked about death every day, made life sound so cheap, and he replied, just before the end, yes he said it is. All my thoughts are with you. Tomorrow is another day, you take care.x

  • I was for some reason drawn to your post im absolutely terrified of dying. The root to my anxiety panicking and ocd. I am sorry to hear of your loss. But upon reading your post I am somewhat comforted in your view on death. Made me think deeper as to why I'm afraid. I don't think it's death I'm afraid of more the not knowing how where and when We escape. If that makes sense. Ty my friend obomino.Xx tc amanda wow not many get my real name either just wrote it without thinking. you touched me wow. Xx ty

  • You are welcome. My fear of death was taken away serving in the marines in the gulf, After wondering everyday wondering if and when it can happen.............slowly you come to terms with it.

  • abomino, I am very sorry for the loss in your family. May he rest in peace.

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